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Please read the contract, fill out the form and sign below.


This agreement is between BoatPro Marine Service and the undersigned below and or email recipient.


Read this contract before you sign it as you will be billed in accordance with the terms and conditions herein below. If you are not in full agreement, do not sign it and seek your service work elsewhere. Warranties for any parts used on your boat come solely from the supplier. BOATPRO does not provide warranties on any parts. We are not responsible for loss or damage to boats, motors and trailers or articles left in boats in case of fire, theft, accident, freezing damage or any other cause beyond our control. You are paying the marina for our time and materials and not by job or other concept. If an estimate is given, is just a best guess estimate and subject to increases. Out

BoatPro’s prices are not competitive with any other marine service or other business. BoatPro does NOT consider or care about any quotes you have from another marina. Boat Pro does not recognize other so called industry standard pricing or other marina repair shops opinions about the cost of a boat we are working on. If another marina gives you a quote you like, take your boat there. Most work requested is on older equipment usually causing lengthy diagnostic and mechanical time far exceeding anticipated costs. Even though a requested task may be similar to a previous job, with older equipment, each job is a new job with no precedent which can cause severe cost increases. Diagnostics and mechanical assistant will be billed at $125.00 per hour, mechanical at $140.00 per hour and emergency service at $175.00 per hour. Most jobs will require two or more mechanics. A fee is also billed for general and administrative time related to the job. Other rates are published on BoatPro’s website at . BoatPro does not compete with other marine service shops terms, time frames or pricing or other industry standards. You will owe for the time and material costs regardless of the outcome of the job. The amount of time it takes to complete the work on your boat is solely dependent upon our ability and job circumstances. BoatPro does not guarantee your boat will be repaired. We are being paid time and material in attempt to repair your boat. The outcome of the job will be either (a) the job was completed (b) we are unsure if the job can be completed and may take significant amount of additional expense on your part to keep paying to find out if it can be completed (c) we cannot complete the job. Regardless of the outcome, your time and materials must be paid immediately. The original service deposit will be a minimum of 70% of any estimate (the estimate is just what is means, just and estimate and should not be considered as the final costs) provided or an arbitrary amount determined by BoatPro depending upon the job. The deposit will be due when the work starts no exceptions. Additional deposits will or may be due during the job as determined by the marina or when the original deposit has been used up. The job will stop if any required additional deposits are due but go unpaid. Payment is due immediately upon being notified that your boat is ready for pickup whether repaired or not. You may not take your boat until payment has been made in full.

The service job commences when the marina is able to start the work and upon receipt of customer’s deposit and this agreement being signed. Actual start of work and original estimate for completion depends upon availability of the mechanics, parts and unknown mechanical issues which may be uncovered during the job. If these circumstances arise, the job will take substantially longer and cost substantially more than any estimate we may have provided. These circumstances do not and will not result in a negotiation of your bill and or untimely payments. We bill at our time and material rates and expect to be paid that amount period no exceptions. You may receive text updates for job status and cost changes, additional deposits and payment links even if you have already been updated by phone or email.

Brown’s Point marina does not sell slips, racks or storage spaces subject to the integrity of the customer’s boat and is not responsible for customer’s not being able to use their slip or rack space because of customer’s mechanical issues. No marina or service refunds will result from these or any other circumstances. Neither marina nor BoatPro customers may take their boat off the marina property until all invoices are paid in full. Slip customers having work done to their boat in the slip, full payment is due before the work starts. There is no relationship to the value of your boat and the cost of the work. BoatPro gets paid in full for its time and material regardless of any other circumstance. You will not be entitled to negotiate your bill based upon any circumstances or concepts. BoatPro Marine Service will not negotiate your bill period.

Upon completion of the job, if you are not a Brown’s Point Marina customer, you must pay for the work and pick up you boat within 5 days of being notified that your boat work is completed. All service invoices are due immediately upon receipt. We do not accept partial payments or personal checks. Credit card payments require a signed “no credit card reversal” agreement. Customer may not have possession or the use of their boat until all invoices are current. All payments shall be applied towards your service work first. Customer’s boat will remain in the secured possession of BoatPro until all invoices are paid in full. Unpaid invoices constitute a valid lien on customer’s boat in accordance with the law. Invoices unpaid after the due date will carry an 18.00% late charge. If we are required to store your boat because of unpaid invoices, storage and haul out fees will apply. At the sole discretion of BoatPro, if you are a want to take or use your boat prior to final billing and invoicing being complete, we will estimate your bill and payment for the estimated bill can be paid. Upon final billing, any underpayment shall be immediately due or any overpayment will be immediately paid back to you. If you find this agreement unreasonable, don’t sign it and get your boat worked on somewhere else. Do not sign this if you don’t fully understand and agree to these terms. We charge for Credit Card fees. These are also non-negotiable.

WAIVER OF RIGHT TO LITIGATE. The Customer hereby waives any and all rights to, and hereby covenants not to, bring any lawsuit, arbitration or other proceeding in any jurisdiction, judicial body or forum arising under or relating to this Agreement or its subject matter (other than an arbitration proceeding described above or a legal proceeding solely to enforce the award or judgment of such arbitration proceeding).


WAIVER OF RIGHT TO N.J.S.A. 56:8-1 et seq. The Customer hereby waives any and all rights to N.J.S.A 56:8-1 et seq. Paragraph 3 of this code states “For your protection, you may waive your right to an estimate only by signing a written waiver”. By signing this “Service Work Authorization Contract and Waiver”, you waive you right to receive an estimate.

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